The Vegan Ferret

Vegan Food, Restaurants, Experiences from a Newly Vegan Ferret Lover


Animal products are not the first or most difficult thing I’ve had to give up in my life.  I’ve overcome tough obstacles which have redefined my life and made me realize my passion for helping others.  My decision to go vegan has added purpose to my life and my past strengthens my drive to help those who cannot help themselves.

Outside of my ferrety, veggie life, I am an executive assistant and social media coordinator in the construction industry.  Balancing my lifestyle with my work can be challenging, especially when attending events and dinners where meat is the focus of the meal.  Since making the transition from vegetarian to vegan, I noticed immediately how much that would affect my ability to partake in catered breakfasts or lunches at the office.  No more bagels with cream cheese, no more mozzarella and tomato sandwiches, no more cream in my coffee.

These sacrifices may be an inconvenience to me, but they are nothing compared to the sacrifices that helpless animals are forced to make for our indulgences.  I’ve never been more confident or invigorated by a life decision.  It is not easy, but it’s become increasingly easier as more and more people are drawn toward the vegan lifestyle.  There are stores with entire aisles filled with purely vegan products, vegan supplements and protein powders, and an endless number of vegan recipes.  Even restaurants have been noticing the movement, many non-vegan restaurants now offering vegan options that aren’t just a side of vegetables centered on a plate of rice.

I am lucky to live on the outskirts of New York City with the ability to hop on a train and, within an hour, find myself with access to a plethora of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.  I am also lucky to have a partner who is choosing to join me on this journey and is excited about the new foods, challenges, and experiences that will come along the way.  The two ferrets we live with, Templeton and Tiny Rick (yes, that’s a Rick and Morty reference), and the cat that runs this house, Hobbes, have decided not to go vegan with us, as their diets don’t really allow it, but they are fully supportive of our decision and continue to motivate us with their cute faces and silly antics.

In writing this blog, I hope to share the positive experience of choosing a vegan lifestyle while meeting other vegans who I can learn from as I take this journey.  I’m excited to become a part of the vegan community and meet like-minded individuals who understand the value of all lives.